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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Heating the outdoors

Eric J. Chiassen believes that wasted heat from things like our light bulbs will lead to a global warming Armageddon (“The other global warming” 1/25/09). When I was a kid, if I left the door open in the winter my mother would yell, “What are you trying to do, heat the outdoors?” It was funny because anyone with any common sense would recognize that the miniscule amount of heat escaping our house would have zero effect on the outside temperature.

The Globe article did not discuss the data behind Chiassen’s theory, but it did introduce an inordinate number of caveats and questions from skeptics. If a theory that demands replacing oil, coal, gas and nuclear energy with wind and solar were at all creditable, the Globe would have presented it as “settled science.” How about publishing something with some scientific credibility from the thousands of scientists who are skeptical of global warming fairy tales?