Culture War Dispatches

from a Progressive People's Republic

Friday, October 16, 2009


Your editorial "Limbaugh: Socialism on the 50 yard line" (10/16/09) scrupulously avoids any mention of the facts of the story: a blogger inventing racist quotes and placing them on Rush's Wikipedia page. Dozens of public figures, including--naturally--Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, repeating these slanderous lies. The mainstream media then playing along without bothering to undertake the most basic Journalism 101 fact-checking of sources, showing itself to be a willing accomplice to slanderers and race hustlers. Mainstream journalism had little defense against charges of liberal bias, but rather than attempting to salvage your credibility by standing up for professional ethics, you amuse your readers with a too cute by half comparison of the NFL to socialism and by ridiculing Rush as a conspiracy nut ("to Rush Limbaugh, everything looks like a vast left-wing conspiracy.") No wonder Rush said, "our country has lost a great deal.’’